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Shake It Off

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:36 pm

Cause im that damn kewl :)Collapse )

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Aug. 4th, 2005 12:35 pm


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Jul. 21st, 2005 09:48 am SUMMER BREAK

         Summer break-- where has the time gone? Oh I wonder... I have no clue what school I am going to... I maybe going to SHS or BHS. WHEN you all see me at orientation at SHS on the 3rd... don't automatically assume that im going to SHS ok mk. Enough school... oh before I go on-- everyone will know the day before school. Anyways... ugh this summer has been sooooooooooo boring. I havent gotten any kind of action. I've talked to just about everybody that I want to talk to-- I havent talked to Karyn that much but I will before she goes back to school-- I forget when she goes back, but it is later than us. Newayz... nothing exciting has happend to me this summer. Haven't even gotten a simple kiss--darn. My family and I are supposed to be going to Myrtle Beach nxt. week. How about I have YAB tonite. From 6-730.  We're probably just going to be signing papers-- I won't drink or smoke and crap like that. Last Leah, Liza, Rashonda, and I went to go see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. FUN eh? HELL No... It was sooo boring. Rashonda and I were laughing at these guys that had a dorky laugh. Kinda corny but we were bored. Like the movie is completley different from the older version. The oompa loompas arent even orange which takes the fun out of singing Ommpa Loompa Dooompa De Doo... Tommorow-- Paul, Forest, Jeremy, Skyler,Maryam, and some other people are supposed to be going to the movies... we're supposed to be going to see two movies... I think that is quite odd--  but we have to pay for two movies... I just don't understand why we can't just see one movie go for lunch then go our separate ways.

  Ha... anyways... last week I went to Volleyball camp. It was highly interesting. If you wanna know why b/c if you know anything about volleyball... you know that the shorts are spandex. So I looked at like 23/50 girls walk around in tight spandex that like hugs your butt. There was one girl that just needs stop b/c she had bunches and bunches of cellulite and it looked really nasty. We had to wake up at the crack of dawn go eat breakfast and then play some eat lunch play some eat dinner play some go take showers go to bed and same routine for 4days. It is highly interesting. There were absolutley no CCB on that campus. I wanted to see some testosterone. Absolutely none... our 'chaperones' 'snuck' out to go see a movie and hang w/ friends. So we were on a college campus alone and there were absolutley no guys... cot darnit...

I have the worst headache. I am actually typing from my mom's office at Chapman. I stayed w/ the triplets the other night. It was not as bad as I thought. Except one thing I was in the bed w/ Cameron and he rolled off the bed and hit his head. The first word that came to mind was 'Shit'. Because I didn't know if he had cut his head open or what. So that morning I just went ahead and asked Nicki to check for bumps and stuff like that. I miss him kind of. He's sooooooooooo super cute. Cason the boy out of the triplets-- if he wasn't my cousin and 16 yrs. older he would be fione and mine..... mk getting ready to wrap this up.... 

                                                            I MISS EVERYONE... I LOVE U ALL :>

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Jul. 17th, 2005 05:25 pm

my own questionnare.... ha ha ha ha ha... FOR THE KEWL KIDS ONLYCollapse )

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Jul. 9th, 2005 05:38 pm


      OMG-- I haven't updated in like 503890483 days.  I am so friggin bored nothing exciting has happend to me over the summer.  These past 3 weeks have been tough. the 4th of July was a lot of fun. My family grilled w/ the next door neighbors and we fired fireworks together.  The other day I had to go to the dentist. I just like saying the man's name. HJ Turner the III not the first not the second but the THIRD!! HA... Then my grandma took me back home so I could change my clothes then we went to Papa's Breakfast Nook. That was reallllly good.  Then we ran some errands then we back home.  I stayed there until 11:15 then my dad came to pick me up from my grandma's house. Then we went to go take my auntie chelle to get her car at BMW. We didn't get home til about 12:52 I was soooo sleepy but I didn't go to bed until like 1:15 which was kewll...

  The next day my mom woke me up hella early 9:35. I was sooo sleepy. Mk... so the day started out really early n rough then we went somewhere Ive forgotten. O my mom took me to Clyde's Main Street Fitness. Yeah, I work out at the gym to get in shape for my 10th grade year-- go me. I stayed there for about an hour and 45 minutes. Then we went to go get something to eat at Ruby Tuesdays on the Westside-- it was pretty good. Then we went to Old Navy it was GRAND-- I bought four skirts and three camis. Kewl Nutz eh?...

The next day I went to go get my hair done. I went at 11:15 and didn't get out until like 6:15 I was so tired of sitting in there. Then my mom and I went to Moe's Southwest Grill-- it was grand. Their burritos are the bomb. I really like it. My mom wasn't particularly in the mood to eat it but she did anyway... thanx.  Mk... Im watching Coach Carter and Im really into it.... leave me a cute message...


                      REST IN PEACE LUTHER VANDROSS

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Jun. 11th, 2005 10:12 pm

dunno why im addicted to copy/pasting jordays quizzes...mk byeCollapse )

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Jun. 11th, 2005 09:51 pm

Regrets... UpdatingCollapse )

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Jun. 4th, 2005 05:46 pm STOLE THIS FROM JORDAY-- MOVIE WHORE

Take the list and post it into your own LJ marking movies you've seen with an X, and removing Xes if you haven't seen an already marked one.

2. Add five more movies to the end of the list. The meme must be fed!

3. Count how many X'es you have. If you've seen more than 70 movies, you are a ~*~ Movie Whore ~*~. Post the score of how many movies you've seen in the subject line.

4. Use a LJ-cut since you've got at least one LJ-friend who doesn't really want to see an ungodly number of movies snaking its way down the computer monitor. (Right now the list is over 200 movies)

5. (optional) Question your friend's taste in movies.

1 (X)Napoleon Dynamite
2 ()Saw
3 (x)White Noise
4 (X)White Oleander
5 (x)Anger Management
6 (x)50 First Dates
7 ()Jason X
8 (x)Scream
9 (x)Scream 2
10 (x)Scream 3
11 (x)Scary Movie
12 ()Scary Movie 2
13 (X)Scary Movie 3
14 (x)American Pie
15 (x)American Pie 2
16 (x)American Wedding
17 ()Harry Potter
18 ()Harry Potter 2
19 ()Harry Potter 3
20 ()Resident Evil I
21 ()Resident Evil 2 (aka RE: Apocalypse)
22 (x)The Wedding Singer
23 (x)Little Black Book
24 ()The Village
25 ()Donnie Darko
26 (X)Lilo & Stitch
27 (x)Finding Nemo
28 ()Finding Neverland
29 ()13 Ghosts
30 (x)Signs
31 (x)The Grinch
32 (x)Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Original)
33 (x)White Chicks
34 ()Butterfly Effect
35 (X)Thirteen
36 ()I Robot
37 ()Dodgeball
38 ()Universal Soldier
39 (x)A Series Of Unfortunate Events
40 ()Along Came A Spider
41 (x)Deep Impact
42 ()KingPin
43 (x)Never Been Kissed
44 (x)Meet The Parents
45 (x)Meet The Fockers
46 (X)Eight Crazy Nights
47 (x)A Cinderella Story
48 ()The Terminal
49 (X)The Lizzie McGuire Movie
50 (x)Passport to Paris
51 (x)Dumb & Dumber
52 ()Dumb & Dumberer
53 ()Final Destination
54 ()Final Destination 2
55 (x)Halloween
56 (x)Halloween 2
57 (x)Halloween 3
58 ()Halloween 4
59 ()Halloween 5
60 (X)H20
61 (x)Halloween: the Resurrection
62 (x)The Ring
63 ()The Ring 2
64 (x)Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
65 (x)Practical Magic
66 (x)Chicago
67 (x)Ghost Ship
68 (x)From Hell
69 ()Team America World Police
70 ()Hellboy
71 (x)Secret Window
72 ()I Am Sam
73 (x)The Whole Nine Yards
74 () The Day After Tomorrow
75 (X)Child's Play
76 (x)Bride of Chucky
77 (X)Ten Things I Hate About You
78 (X)Just Married
79 (x)Gothika
80 ()A Nightmare on Elm Street
81 (X)Sixteen Candles
82 (x)Bad Boys 2
83 ()Joy Ride
84 ()Seven
85 (x)Oceans Eleven
86 (x)Oceans Twelve
87 (x)Identity
88 ()Lone Star
89 (x)Bedazzled
90 (x)Predator
91 ()Predator II
92 (x)Independence Day
93 ()Cujo
94 ()A Bronx Tale
95 (x)Darkness Falls
96 (X)Christine
97 (x)ET
98 (X)Children of the Corn
99 ()My Boss' Daughter
100 (x)Maid in Manhattan
101 ()Frailty
102 ()Best bet
103 (x)How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
104 (X))She's All That
105 ()Calendar Girls
106 ()Sideways
107 (x)Mars Attacks
108 ()Event Horizon
109 (x)Ever After
110 (x)Forrest Gump
112 ()Big Trouble in Little China
113 ()X-Men
114 ()X-Men 2
115 (X)Jeepers Creepers
116 (x)Jeepers Creepers 2
117 (x)Catch Me If You Can
118 (x)The Others
119 (X)Freaky Friday - the original with Jodie Foster
120 ()Reign of Fire
121 ()Man on Fire
122 (x)Braveheart
123 (X)Cruel Intentions
124 (x)The Hot Chick
125 (x)Swimfan
126 ()Miracle
127 (x)Friday Night Lights
128 (X)Old School
129 (x)Ray
130 ()The Notebook
131 ()K-Pax
132 ()Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
133 ()Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
134 ()Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
135 (X)A Walk to Remember
136 (x)Sweet Home Alabama
137 (x)Moulin Rouge
138 ()Boogeyman
139 ()Hitch
140 ()Back Door Sluts 9.
141 (x)The Fifth Element
142 ()Star Wars episode I
143 ()Star Wars episode II
144 ()Star Wars episode IV
145 ()Star Wars episode V
146 ()Star Wars episode VI
147 ()Troop Beverly Hills
148 ()Swimming with Sharks
149 ()Trainspotting
150 ()People under the stairs
151 ()Blue Velvet
152 (x)Sound of Music
153 (x)Parent Trap - the original,

154 ()The Burbs
155 ()SLC Punk
156 (x)Meet Joe Black
157 ()Wild Girls
158 ()A Clockwork Orange
159 (x)The Order
160 (x)Spiderman
161 ()Spiderman 2
162 ()Amelie
163 (x)Mean Girls
164 (x)Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
165 (x)Shrek
166 (x)Shrek 2
167 (x)The Incredibles
168 (x)Collateral
169 ()The Fast & The Furious
170 (x)2 Fast 2 Furious
171 ()Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
172 (x)Closer
173 (x)The Sixth Sense
174 (x)Artificial Intelligence
175 ()Love Actually
176 (X)The Sweetest Thing
177 ()Shutter
178 (x)Ella Enchanted
179 (x)Princess diaries 1
180 (x)Princess diaries 2
181 (x)Breakfast Club
182 (X)October Sky
183 (X)Remember the Titans
184 (x)Titanic
185 ()Boondock Saints
186 ()American History X
187 (x)Fight Club
188 ()Heavenly creatures
189 ()Stealing Beauty
190 ()Like Water For Chocolate
191 ()Powwow Highway
192 ()Secretary
193 (X)But I'm A Cheerleader
194 (X)I <3 Huckabees
195 () Ripley's Game
196 (X) Coffee And Cigarettes
197 (x) Taxi Driver
198 (x) Silence Of The Lambs
199 (x) The Exorcist
200 () If Lucy Fell
201 () Lady Jane
201 (x) When Harry met Sally
202 (x) Me, Myself & Irene
203 () Kung Fu Hustle
204 (x) Sin City
205 (X) Labyrinth
206 (x) Much Ado About Nothing
207 () The Cowboy Way
208 (x) Paulie
209 (X) Blazing Saddles
210 (X) Galaxy Quest
211 () Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are Dead
212 () Citizen Kane
213 () You Can Count on Me
214 (X) Young Frankenstein
215 (x) Raiders of the Lost Ark
216 (X) Starman
217 (X) St. Elmos Fire
218 (x) Coyote Ugly
219 (x) The Other Sister
220 (x) Rainman
221 () Clash of the Titans
222 () Vampyros Lesbos
223 () Turkish Delight
224 (x) Being John Malkovich
225 (X) Office Space
226 () Happiness
227 (X) Thirteen
228 () Gandhi
229 (X) spirited away
230 () kill bill vol. 1
231 () kill bill vol. 2
232 (X) The Princess Bride
233 () Requiem For A Dream
234 (x) New Waterford Girl
235 () The Virgin Suicides
236 () The Cat's Meow
237 (X)The Waterboy
238 (X)That thing you do
239 (x) Mrs.Doubtfire
240 (x) You've got mail
241 () Johnny English
242 () Back To The Future
243 (x) Almost Famous
244 () Rushmore
245 () Spun
246 () Shaun Of The Dead
247 (x) Dude, Where's My Car
248 (x) Win A Date with Tad Hamilton
249 (x) Crossroads
250 (x) On The Line
251 () Van Wilder
252 () An American Tale
253 () Happy Campers
254 () Newsies
255 () In Good Company
256 (x) Ferngully: The Last Rain Forest
257 (x) 61*
258 () Yours, Mine and Ours
259 () Antitrust
260 (x) Bend it like Beckham
261 (x) Bruce Almighty
262 (x)Gone with the Wind
263()Darby O'Gill and the Little People
264 ()Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness
265 ()One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
266 ()Run Lola Run
267 (x)Singin in the Rain
268 (x) Polyanna
269 (x) Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom
270 (x) Drop Dead Fred
271 (x) Emma
272 (X)A Streetcar Named Desire
273 (X) The Lost Boys
274 () The Last Temptation of Christ
275 (x) Dogma
276 (x) Reservoir Dogs
277 () The Third Man
278 () Triumph of the Will
279 (x) Rocky Horror Picture Show
280 (x) American Beauty
281 () Working Girl
282 (X) Pretty in Pink
283 () cider house rules
284 (x) the colour purple
285 () national treasure
286 (x) minority report
287 (x) the mothman prophecies
288 () Battle Royale 1
289 () weekend at Bernie's 1
290 () weekend at bernie's 2
291 (x) The shining
292 () weatherwoman
293 (X) Caddyshack
294 (X) Simon Burch
295 () fast times at ridgemont high
296 (x) Big Fish
297 () Tart                                                                  

298 (x)Grease

299 (x)Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

300 ()Camp

301 (x) Dirty Dancing

302 (x) Center Stage 

303 (x) House of Wax

304 (x) Guess Who

305 (x) Girl Next Door

306 (x) Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead

307 (x) Are We There Yet

stole this from jorday... movie whore #2Collapse )

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May. 31st, 2005 02:35 pm HAWT STUFF

   HELLO-- boi... sckewl has ended. Yeah sckewl has ended but i've been wishing for it but it was no fun. Although we ALL wished for it we did think that the aftermath would be sooooo hard. EMMPIE brought up a great point... we've been wishing for it all year but now that it is hear, WHY?... I only wish i could take back the times that we have all had together. Yeah we've had our ups and downs but we will forever be the CJHG(Carver Junior High Gangsta)... cause everyone that was in our BIG group-- we ruled that sckewl... and we know this. I cried and cried and cried. I have no clue what sckewl im going to next year. I have officially completed the 9th grade. THANK GOD. When report cards come out we'll see what my future has to hold. These past 3 years w/ everybody has been fun. Although Carver sucked some major balls everybody in it was gureat. How about the guy that does the Tony the Tiger voice died. The guy was 99. He died of prostate cancer I believe. Rite now-- im at Ashley's house. We're having a great time. My parents are out of the country at this moment and time soooooo...Im staying w/ my g-parents, n nikki n her babies. OMG-- Saturday nite the babies would not go to sleep for a million dollars. Like when one started crying the others started crying. I told my grandma that babysitting these babies makes u want to stay celibate (however you spell it). Mk... Before my parents left my dad took to the nail place. Mk i got another pedicure and a fill-in. The fill-in is absolutley HORRIBLE. Jon the guy that did it... OMG he did a horrible job. I went to a drive-in movie NC. It was kewl. I thought drive-ins only existed in movies. But it was kewl. We didn't get home until 2:15. We saw the last lil part of the Longest Yard which is very funny and then we watched the Sahara. It was me, auntie chelle, daphne, dianicka, and cameron. It was fun. LAST NITE-- ashley n I we were singing OLD SCKEWL music it was soooo funny. Ashley's mom and stepdad said that we didn't know anything about old sckewl. So we had to break it out w/ the tunes. Today ashley and I have just been kinda chillin out which has been relaxing for me. I have a really bad headache. MMMMMmmmm... I want a big Chocolate Chip cookie. I've gotta come to my senses about kendal. Ive played around w/ it long enough. It's about time. Ill finish this l8tr. Bout to do something w/ my best buddy.

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May. 7th, 2005 07:46 am HOLY MOLY DOUGHNUT SHOP

           My goodness I haven't updated in like 8923724762389163 months. I've been busy. Doing many things for sckewl and other places*wink*/ But newhooze there's a lot to b updated so let's get on and cracking. Let's start w/ sckewl.

           1st-We had this big ass ten page paper due. Mine ws on Physician-Assisted Suicide (smart topic huh?)2nd-Quizzes, Quizzes, and more Quizzes.3rd-We had to take this long test out of 160 points and I got 117 not including critical thinking git r done.4th-Oh i had to think of subject it's math... nothing new just getting ready for an end of course test on monday.5th-JROTC- we turned n our uniforms which is grand b/c i got tired of wearing that damn uniform every friggin Wednesday.6th-Biology-nothing just notes and getting ready for the end of course test on Tuesday I believe.7th-Mrs. Nix nothing just working n powerpoint how bout it?

        May 5th was my birthday, it was GRAND :) Ya gurl turned the BIG 15... It was abolutely grand. Mk... my good friends at my table and jerrs table were singing happy b-day to me... so mk they sang it--THANKS U ALL. And then 132983121397123 seconds later, the lunch lady supervisor or w/e came over to our table and was like u all r too loud. There are classes going on blah blah blah. If her mother had taught her any kinds of manners it would b to at least say Happy Birthday AFTER ur done b*ching.

      Awards day-- that was funny. I got three awards--3.5 GPA or better,Excellence in Mathematics,and PALS Club participation. After that i had to sit and look at everyone else get their awards. Im really proud of Sklyer Harper, Maryam Aly, and Angela Padgett. Those girls could not stay seated. Dang... but newhooze... Angela got the highest GPA overall in the 9th grade class- so yeah we gave her a standing ovation and she started crying *tear*. CONGRATS PADGETT... Then at the end of the ceremony we threw our programs n the air... went to the multi-purpose room. My goodness i have NEVER n my life taken soooooo many pictures. It was like wherever u looked somebody was snapping pics. I noe i took a buttload. But then after all that my dad signed me out to go home and me,ashley,karyn,n amanda went to Panera bread. It was pretty good. I had Frontage Chicken and a fruit cup. The fruit was fresh but the chicken was nasty. Then Karyn allowed me to borrow her cellphone b/c mine got stolen and i called daddy and he came to pick me took me to the hair place. Mk... how bout this... I get to my hair appt. on time which is very unsual and she fusses or w/e then when i get there on time she can't take me for another 45 min. Ugh--- i had somewhere to b. But i got it done it looked great until i hopped n the shower for prom and some of my curls n the back came out.

 PROM-- IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN:) Mk... b4 the limo came to pick me up, my dad wanted to take pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Then the family friends across the street came over to see how i looked. Then i guess about idk 630 or w/e the limo came to pick me up n front of muh grandparents house. It was Porsche, Janna, Karyn, Amanda and Richard. OMG- They all looked soooooooooo pretty. Porsche her lil upty-downy do,Jayna was showing what her momma gave her, Karyn she ws just all-round,Amanda and Richard-the best couple... gah he has some pretty eyes. Mk so...so they picked me up... my dad of course took more pictures.  And then off to Chandi's. Mk... we got there Rock (limo driver) opened the door for us, then we walked n on Richard's arm like he was a pimp and porsche walked n front of us like she was leading us on in to make a grand interest. Mk..so we're pumped up about getting the Pvt. room... then this girl w/ naps thick enough to fry says that it's booked for somebody else. But newayz karyn asked the manager n what not and blah blah blah... so we sit down. Porsche calls Ashley she shows up late but that's otay cause she came. I orded Chicken Fettucini. It ok.. But i was tooooo excited about prom. Yeah so we paid or w/e got back n the limo n off to prom we went. Yeah so we pulled up n a limo and errrbody was wanting to noe who was n that limo... ha ha ha... mk how bout this.. we get there and we have to stand outside til about 8:45... then they had this GHEY rule... if u don't have an ID then u can't get n. But how bout when u do things like that ur turning money away. So i brought my ID. Mk... so i saw everybody... everyone was looking cute and nice. Kesha was there w/ kendal. Kendal thought i was cock blocking b/c his date was hanging w/ me. WHATEVER... then we danced to electric slide and cha cha slide about 2340247832490 times. They played We belong together that was BEAU-tiful. Then we went to Applebee's afterwards to get sum dessert... me,karyn,n ashley all got um Sizziling Apple Pie and porsche got ice cream and fudge or something like that... she had ice cream w/ topping let's put it like that. Then we rode in the limo our last time and we dropped Porsche off then ashley's mom and aunt, n my dad, they followed the limo...then we went home.... I have more to type but ill do it later...

                   IT'S PROM 2005--NEVER AGAIN WILL IT B

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