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What is . . . 1. Your Name: Lauren Michelle Black Rogers 2.… - Shake It Off

Oct. 22nd, 2005 07:51 pm

What is . . .
1. Your Name:
Lauren Michelle Black Rogers
2. Your Quest: To live life having fun and living to the fullest

Your Favorite . . .
3. Color: any bright colors
4. Subject: lunch
5. Halloween Costume: Jasmine from Aladdin
6. Season: Spring/Summer
7. Apple: granny all the way

The last . . .
8. Thing you ate: Sesame Chicker
9. Person you kissed: My grandma on the cheek

10. Time that you swam: 2 years ago
11. Time you saw your parents: about a minute ago
12. Movie you watched: some movie on lifetime

13. Music you listened to: Shake Dat Monkey by Too SHort

14. Post you made: Idk...

Write . . .
Ten things that make you smile: (in no specific order)
15. babies
16. the beach
17. family
18. boys
19. big sunglasses
20. singing
21. when people are uncomfortable
22. mexican food
23. friends
24. interesting words
25.a good song

Five things you do every day:
26. Sing
27. eat
28. Shower
30. sleep
Two things that annoy the hell out of you:
31. people poking me--tickling me
32. itchy sweaters

One thing you wish for:
33. my family to come back together instead of division

Who . . .
34. Pays your tuition: my family
35. Makes you laugh: jordan,amanda,emmpie,paul,jerr,jayna,ashley,kesha,kiki,nikki...so many
36. Makes you think: grandma
37. Strikes your fancy: idk...haven't really thought about that
38. Do you talk to on the phone most: ashley...kesha
39. Trusts you most: Tierra.... i think
40. Do you trust: most of my friends
41. Are you thinking of right now: no body really
42. Fixes things for you: my daddy
43. Is the wildest person you know: amanda,jordan(but in an undacova way)


Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: NONE

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