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   WOW... I havent updated in like forever.... BUNCHES… - Shake It Off

Sep. 25th, 2005 06:33 pm

   WOW... I havent updated in like forever.... BUNCHES has happend since I lasted updated a month ago. Anyways... im gonna try to do it regularly but can't make any promises. My weekend was really low key. 

My weekend-- I went to the game w/ ashley and hung out w/ her mostly this weekend. Anyways... saw PORKAY today at church.  I've seen her twice this weekend.  Newhooze-- I thought I started having feelings for Kendal again. I really got scared for like a day and a half. It was like whoa.  Anyways...there has been a lot of drama this week/end... I mean really.

The drama-- there's this guy that likes me. He's really cute.  His name is Patrick Farr ( or however you spell it).  But I mean he and I didn't hit it off like i thought we would. He's really nice and considerate.  Anyways... one of my friends Kesha n Patrick have made an aquantince before he approached me. Each of them have their side of how they met. Anyways... like Renita said one day... there's three sides to every story... each side and then the truth. And come to think about it.  It is teh truth.  And some will have to agree even thoguht the saying is there's two sides to every story. You know what I mean.  Anyways-- Kesha goes w/ Rafie-- and there's been some conflict there. But I can't go any further in to detail. But the conflict that is going on is really ridiculous.  All the drama has gone farther than what it really needs to go. If you all catch my drift. Ok moving on...

School-- It's been really 'interesting' since the drama. But other than that... it's been pretty mellow... everything is always in a serious mood and im used to a more lighten mood. I go get my physical Tuesday. Can't wait cause daddy is taking me and afterward just maybe he and I can go to Outback.  That would be soooo good.  Right now mom is on her way home-- she's picking up some Cinnamon Scones.  Soooo good... aighty... im watching the Real World Marathon... gotta go... luv all of you all... BBye



Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: I should've cheated- Keisha Cole

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