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           HAPPY… - Shake It Off

Nov. 27th, 2005 09:21 pm


                   Hey everybody what's goin on in YOUR world today? In mine absolutely nothing has been goin on.  My turkey day was very low key nothing exciting really went on.  I went to a family friends house and her family was there. For me, it was kinda awkward b/c i really don't know any of her family. But to ease it up a lil bit-- I walked across the street to ASHLEY's house.

                       At Ashley's we watched the Color Purple which is a pretty good movie.  Then I was gonna go home-- my aunt signaled me to come back over to Daphne's house but then we decided that I was gonna stay over. Anywho-- we woke up that morning at like 8:15 and we got ready and her mom and her cousin came to pick us up and we went over to Gaffney-- Yellow Mall. But when we were walking around-- We (I) spotted these good looking brothas from afar. Newho--- they were in this airbrush. I really wanted to go in the store from the get go b4 i saw them but i went in there anyway.  Then we left went back to her house and we chilled out.

                       Left Ashley's then went w/ my mom to the IHOP in Greenville-- it was sooooooo nastay.  Then we went to the Haywood mall. That was a crazy cool day. Ok my mom and I were in Belk's and one of the worker ladies had a stroke in the ladies bathroom. Like they're doing construction and they're redoing the railing in the mall. And like somebody was leaning on the glass, and the glass that's part of the railing came aloose and fell ontop of this man's head. I got a Cashmere sweater from JC Penny. It's 'pink-- really cute. I was gonna get something from AE but mom was like we're gonna find something else and blah blah blah. I was trying to think who I had to get gifts fro and I was going to get them something from AE, but we didn't. Then, I went to the STILA counter and I got eye shadow and make up. That's like a right of passage for me-- I feel kinda happy. The lady that did my makeup would not shut up. She just kept going on and on about random things. Nobody would hear my mom in Belk. It was soooo funny. It was like everytime my mom asked one of the workers a question-- nobody would answer. It became funny after awhile. Then like this woman with some big ass hips tried to get through this itty bitty spot where my mom was sitting and like she almost knocked my mom over. It was hilarious after awhile. To her it wasn't. But then we left went to Target got some things for YIG then went home and relaxed and did homework.

     Today, woke up my mom washed my hair. It feels squeaky clean.  So then we got dressed and went to church. Grandma gave this dynamic message about uhhhh... I've forgotten b/c like usual we didn't get there on time. Which is a really bad habit. Then my mom wanted to hang w/ my g-ma and aunt. But my aunt didn't want to hang sooo it was just me my mom and g-ma. It was all cool. Anyway.... We went to J&S in Greenville and everybody and their granny knew it was cold today. But my grandma stepped out in this clergy cloak that a pope would wear. It was soooo hilarious to me. But then we wate went to Kohl's bought some shirts. Discussed somethings while shopping got some Christmas gifts for my hom-peeps.  Then we dropped my g-ma back off to get her car went to wally world now im back here typing this.

    But it's about that time i go and wash my face. And get my clothes ready for tomorrow. Aighty hom-skils Love Ya and Good night

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Current Music: Desperate Housewives

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